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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 6:00 AM


My problem started a month ago.  All my local channels would disappear when the outside temps got below 40.  First I was told to restart, which I did many times over the month. Then I was told that 2500 customers were affected and they were working on it.  After about 5 different calls to techs, one who falsely promised to call back in 2 hours.  I went to the Xfinity store , where they told me I needed all new boxes.  When I went back and exchanged boxes they somehow shut off my extras and all I could recieve was chanels 1/14.  A tech on the phone fixed that, but I still had the original problem.  I set an appointment for a repairman and he came out and replaced an amp, which was on the pole in my back yard.  He said that just 3 customers were affected, not 2500 and now it  is finally fixed.


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