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Thu, Feb 4, 2021 5:00 PM

Odd service issue / Pace RNG110 / Motorola DCH70

Hi all

We had a power outage of approximately 2 hours duration last night.  Everything is back to normal except the Pace RNG110 cable box for our living room TV, which is flashing all four LED indicators briefly about once per second and is unresponsive to any remote commands (in addition to not passing any signal).

I have tried unplugging the power supply from AC source for as much as 1 hour with no change in behavior.  Also tried unplugging cable input for about 10 minutes just for good measure - no joy.  The power supply is putting out 5.1VDC which is about what I would expect from a nominal 5VDC supply.

Xfinity website has us listed as having a service interruption (of course they are working on it), but what's weird is we have perfect operation and receiving all the usual channels, along with the guide, on our old analog bedroom TV fed by a Motorola DCH70, so it seems the service is actually working.

As I am unable to speak to a technician via phone maybe someone could tell me if the Pace unit is likely toast (given the symptoms), or is it waiting for some kind of software push from Xfinity?

I am unable to find anything about the four LED flashing routine for that unit with the usual internet searches.






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7 m ago

It’s most likely the power supply is toast, not the box.

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7 m ago

Thanks for the reply, and I tend to agree with you. 

The way the box was acting was as if the power supply was collapsing/recovering over and over, even though unloaded (unplugged) it measured a nice 5.1VDC.  I presume that supply is a switcher, and may have some dried-out caps on board after all these years.  The local power outage with associated surges/spikes probably put things over the edge.

In any case the problem has become moot, as we swapped the box & PSU for a newer (RNG150N) replacement which, after a bit of a rough start, finally accepted the activation and is working well now.

Again - thanks for the reply!



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I'm looking to replace my current Pace RNG110 RF and came across your post. Are you happy with your RNG150N unit? If so, I may buy that. Where did you buy yours?


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