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Wed, Mar 10, 2021 4:00 PM

My Account shows incorrect model and serial #

I have two STBs and the main one is a DCX3400 DVR with hard drive. I have been using it for a few years.  A couple of days ago, it stopped showing all cable channels starting from 724.  Channels from 724 and above now all show as Not Authorized.  The only channels that show correctly are the broadcast channels. I have the Preferrred Pro+ package that also includes HBO, Showtime, and HD DVR service and fee.


I noticed that on My Account, the DCX3400 previously listed has been replaced with a model PXD01ANI (aka XiD-P) and serial number which I do not have.  I've done three chats asking to restore the lost channels.  I advise the reps the serial number they see on their system (and displayed on My Account) is not the same as the serial number of the  DCX3400.  But the reps keep sending a refresh, then repeatedly have me unplug and replug the DVR and still not resolve the issue. Are they sending a refresh to a device I do not possess?  Using "Send Name to TV" results in an Error.  How do I get the DCX3400 correctly authorized again?  I want to continue using it.  Thanks for any assistance.




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6 m ago

Sounds like Comcast accidentally messed something up and added a PXD01ANI Box to your account. If I had to guess, someone ordered one and they put it on the wrong account. Because of this, your dvr is disabled on the account. Wait a few days and see if the XiD shows up in the mail. If it does, return it and ask them to reactivate the DVR. If not, ask them to disable it and replace it with a DVR.

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