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Sun, May 24, 2020 7:00 PM

Lightning strike/electrical surge and no longer getting a signal

Today we had lightning strike down right next to our house which cause an electrical surge in the house. We lost two tv's from it and one Xfinity box.  I have tried our other boxes in the cable connections where the tv's blew, and it seems like we are not getting a signal from those cable connections. My guess is that the electrical surge has fried some of the cable wiring. Anyone run into anything like this before?



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1 y ago

Lightning doesn’t care what’s in the way. It happens, replace the equipment, have a tech out to check your cable for corrosion/burns just in case

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1 y ago

btw, junior sharpie 21 , if you have homeowners or renters insurance it may cover the cost of any equipment that got fried, minus any deductible.    comcast's insurance policy is probably not so generous - they will have to eat the cost of their fried settop boxes!



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