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Sat, Feb 20, 2021 6:00 PM

Leave cable box always powered on

My mother has a non x1 cable box and a TCL tv, because she is somewhat handicap she dosnt always point the comcast remote at the TV and Cable box when powering on using All/On. When this happens the cable box will come on but the TV will not, because the TV needs more line of sight im guessing. Ive tried to get her to just leave the All/ON button alone and just use the TV ON instead leaving the cable box always on, but she forgets and gets stuck in this loop of the TV off and cable box on, and then the opposite as she hit the All/ON again now pointing at the TV. My question, is there a way to program the remote to not power off the cable box at all when hitting the All/ON, but obviously still use the remote for everything else.



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2 m ago

No there isn’t. How about moving the box closer to the tv’s remote sensor so they line up

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