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Tue, Feb 25, 2020 6:00 PM


Is Xfinity operating on alternate reality?

Ok I received a notice saying our tv box needs to be update, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to see the international channels I have subscribed effective March 24, 2020.


But now, xfinity already cut my channels on February 25, 2020. So is Xifinity following a calendar that is one month ahead of the rest of the world???? 


Not to mention, when I received the notice two months ago, I already acted and replaced the equipment right away. BUT now, agent told me the equipment I have is not right and needs to be replaced again. So, why would I have to waste my time two months ago and spent two foot trips to replace the equipment? I was following all your direction and just got punished for getting the channel cut one month ahead of the effective date written in the notice....


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