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Sat, Aug 6, 2022 2:51 AM

HDMI port fried?

Hey all.  Is it possible for the HDMI port on the Xfinity DVR box to go bad or get fried?  We had a lightning strike that took out my brand new Samsung tv even though it was plugged in to 2 high end surge protectors.  I assumed the cable box, which was plugged into the same surge protectors was spared because it rebooted and seemed ok.  I went to hook up another tv until the damaged one could be repaired, but none of the 3 HDMI ports were working.  I switched HDMI cables thinking that was the problem, still no go.  I ended up using component cables to use the temp tv and the cable seemed to be fine.  The new, damaged tv has now been repaired, so I tried to hook the cable back up to it and no go.  I tried all 3 HDMI ports on that tv too, 2 different HDMI cables, and nothing.   So I'm left to think the HDMI port on the cable box was damaged.  I can't hook the new tv up any other way that I know of, so I'm still using the backup one with the component cables.

Any suggestions?

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8 d ago

Hello @pipervali. So sorry to hear of the damages incurred during the lightning storm. It is certainly possibly, maybe even likely, that your DVR was damaged as well during the storm. I recommend having the DVR replaced. You can swap out your current TV box for a new one at any Xfinity location at no charge. We can also ship you a new TV box for the cost of shipping and you can return your old TV box at any Xfinity or UPS location once the new one is received.


Xfinity Locations: https://comca.st/3JFaosg


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