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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 2:00 PM

HDHomeRun PRIME, CISCO/SA CableCard, Paired but Conditional Access Not Staged So no Channels

I am having difficulty uses a cablecard with my HDHomeRun PRIME.


The original cablecard I tried exhibited the same issue so I replaced it.  Today, the replacement arrived and has the same issue.


I have spoken to the cablecard support line about this and everything looks fine on their side but based upon what I have read on this forum, this problem is usually a routing issue.


The cablecard is paired correctly but the conditional access details page reports status as "not staged".


Technicolor CableCARD(tm)
Conditional Access Details
System Id: 0x0E00
Status: Not Staged
Secure Micro Software Ver: 5.03
CA Time:
Waiting For Update...
Time GBAM: 0
App GBAM: 0
Purchase GBAM: 0
EMMs Processed: 0

The cablecard has received successful authentication data


CableCARD Status
Card Manufacturer	Technicolor/Cisco
Card Authentication	success
Card Validation	success
3DES encryption	supported


Type:One-Way - Auth Rcvd


Auth Status: CP Auth Received

Since the Conditional Access shows a status of Not Staged, no channel lineup is found when I scan for channels.




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