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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 3:00 PM

HDHomeRun PRIME - Can't Activate Cable Card

I just got an HDHomeRun PRIM three tuner box.  I previously had a TiVo bolt and wanted to switch providers so I tried moving my CableCARD to the HDHomeRun.  Currently it shows CableCARD Validation is None.  
I tried to use the self-activation, which shows the cable card and shows that it is currently paired with the TiVo HostID, but I get a generic "Your CableCARD was not paired with your device." message when trying to pair it with the new HostID.
I tried calling Comcast and the support specialist on the phone was unable to do it either.  She was going to sent a tech out next week, but I told her I'd just go by and exchange the card (our is a PowerKEY PKM800 from 2007).
They gave my wife a used card of the same model from 2008.    While I saw the system automatically update the firmare on the new card, I still can't activate/pair it to my HDHomeRun and the system show the new card as paird with the TiVo HostID (even though that card has never been plugged into the TiVo).

What needs to happen to get the hostID updated in the system?


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