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Tue, Dec 31, 2019 7:00 AM

DVR not recording problems with the Italian channel 3280

I decided to write here because I am almost desperate, as I cannot find a solution to a problem that I have since many months. I hope that someone can help me.


I have an issue with the Italian channel 3280. DVR is not working well. Here is just a quick list of the problems:

  • I schedule recordings to find out that they have not been recorded
  • When the DVR records, very often it deletes the recording after a few hours
  • I called customer support countless times, had technicians coming, all useless!
  • I talked to supervisors, who were even less useful than the technicians. One of them tried to convince me that my DVR was full, while the screen showed only 20% of the space available used. The funny thing was that, recordings made on other channels, worked just fine.
  • I had technicians coming to my home, and they couldn’t help, probably because the problem is on the Xfinity side, as the recordings are kept on the cloud (I even had some of the technicians tell me that the recordings were kept on my box!!! They replaced my box and, of course, nothing changed)
  • Wanted to email for this, but Xfinity does not offer email to write to! And this is unacceptable. We are paying customers and we should be able to communicate in an easy way with you.


Please understand that this problem goes on and on since many, many months.

I hope that Xfinity will call me. All of the above is ridiculous and not compatible with a serious company.

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