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Thu, Feb 27, 2020 7:00 PM


Deleat TV recordings from the cloud

How do I deleat TV recordings from the cloud?  The TV box shows 80 percent full and 59 recordings in place.  However, the TV box does not list any TV recordings in the TV box.  The recordings are in the cloud.  Need to access the cloud to deleat the TV recordings stored in the clould.


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2 y ago

Use computer/browser to log into your xfinity account and then TV/DVR via the web page under that "TV icon" thing to find full DVR controls.   Sorry I cannot point you more directly at it, I am terrible at operating GUIs correctly and prefer CLI like my bro RMS  (Stallman).      Browser should allow you to get to a page where you can use mouse/trackball/GUI to that DVR stuff.    ps - trivia - the recordings aren't owned by the customer they are owned by comcast and they don't actually exist as separate/individual entities.  The recordings are constructed on-the-fly via tiny stored "index entries".   If you want to own your recordings you can buy your own physical DVR setup including monster disk storage.

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