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Thu, Apr 29, 2021 4:28 PM

Can I trade in an X1 box for a legacy box???

Our main X1 box, and the smaller remote X1 box, routinely have an issue with 'receiving' a signal.  The box's solution is to tighten the cables and try again.  Sometimes the box resets after 10-20 minutes.  But sometimes they do not - making the tv's they are connected to useless.

I have tried the support page here.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it can not help.


Is it possible to trade in our smaller remote X1 box for an older model that does not rely on the internet. (We have on of these hooked to our kitchen tv and have NEVER had a problem with its signal)   


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6 m ago

I love TV and can see how this would be frustrating. We can take a look at getting this fixed for you! Can you please send us a Private Message with your first and last name and service address? To send our team a private message, click the chat icon at the top right of the screen. Choose the handle "Xfinity Support".

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