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Thu, Mar 26, 2020 6:00 AM

Cablecard - all channels not-subsribed

I have 2 HDHomerun Prime boxes with cablecards. Last night just before 7pm all my channels went dark. I initially thought it was my PC but finally realized this was affecting all devices and software in the house. The system log in the primes shows the cablecard tuning to a channel, initially getting a subcribed message, but then 5 seconds later gets a not-subscribed response.


Both cablecards show validated and good signal.


Here is an example message session from the Homerun logs:

20200326-08:31:50 Tuner: tuner2 tuning 431 ABCHD (auto:321MHz-1)
20200326-08:31:50 Tuner: tuner2 streaming rtp to
20200326-08:31:51 CableCARD: tuner2 431 ABCHD (auto:321MHz-1) access = subscribed
20200326-08:31:56 CableCARD: tuner2 431 ABCHD (auto:321MHz-1) access = not-subscribed
20200326-08:32:18 Tuner: tuner2 rtp stream ended (stop request)


Here is the status from one of the cablecards:

CableCARD Status
Card Manufacturer Technicolor/Cisco
Card Authentication success
Card Validation success
3DES encryption supported
OOB Frequency 74.000 MHz
OOB Lock 1.544 Mbps
Signal Strength 100% (-0.4 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (32.9 dB)
Channel List cablecard-oob


I called support and when they tried to connect me to the cablecard group, they said it was closed today and would not be open until tomorrow - Fri Mar 27.  Any techs here and able to help sooner?


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