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Thu, Apr 14, 2022 6:33 AM

Cable card pairing nightmare for TIVO Edge

Finally bit the bullet and bought a new TIVO Edge to replace my current TIVO system. 

1. Made appt. at local Xfinity store to pick up cable card. Upon arrival learned that they don't have them, and was told to order it online. 

2. Went home and attempted to order online. Not possible. Had to call customer service. Customer service had no idea about what I was talking about, and I was bounced around and then put on hold for an hour. 

3. During the time that I was on hold I returned to the Xfinity store and spoke to another person, who ordered card for me. Was told to never deal with Xfinity over the phone because it would be a waste of time. 

4. Five days later card arrived. It's clearly a used card, and came with no instructions. Called Xfinity number TIVO provided to have it paired with new Tivo Edge. Customer service didn't know what a TIVO was, and didn't understand what they had to do. Two and a half hours later still not able to pair. Was connected to "Cable Card Repair" department, which was closed and I was disconnected. Called customer service again. Was also told by this person that she didn't know what a TIVO system was or what to do, either. She scheduled technician to come at end of the week. 

5. Received phone call from Xfinity today asking why I needed a technician. When I explained, the customer service agent informed me that he didn't know what a TIVO was and he would have to speak to a manager. I had to remind him that two service agents had already failed at the attempt to pair the card. He told me that it was better to wait for a technician, who would "try to repair my X1 box." I tried to explain that this wasn't the issue, but to no avail. I gave up. 

Is there any way to contact someone locally to deal with this, vs. someone customer service agents at the other side of the world? At a minimum, I'd like to ensure the technician who comes actually knows that s/he is coming to pair a cable card with a TIVO Edge  (and if that person have extra cards on him/her in case the one they sent me is not working, given its condition). I'd rather just stay with my old TIVO unit rather than wasting everyone's time. 


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5 m ago

If an employee doesn't reply to your message here you might give https://support.xfinity.com/svp-contact-form a try. Be aware that responses from that office range from very helpful to nonsensical.



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@BruceW​ Thank you. I did. Not expecting much, but who knows?

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