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Mon, Mar 2, 2020 1:00 PM


Cable Box vs. DTA

On my bill I notice I am being charged $5.00 for the Cable box and remote.  I am being charged $5.99 per month for each DTA.  Can I replace a DTA with a Cable box and remote and save myself the 99 cents per month and also increase my channel availibities?


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2 y ago

Weird. I think it's because Comcast is in the midst of rearranging things and how they charge for devices.


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2 y ago

Good question.   The answer is maybe-yes temporarily but you will probably find that the cost of the larger-than-DTA settop box has increased too.    Alternatively if you lower your TV package to be "choice" aka "limited basic" then the first two HD-DTA will have zero rental charge and a third would be 50 cents per month.    




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2 y ago

Comcast should really get a award for "Creative Writing" for their bills.


Mine -

[b]TV:{/B]  Digital Starter - includes Limited Basic & Expanded Basid
[b]TV:{/B]  Sports Entertainment Package (doesn't authorize Fox Sports 2)

[b]Equipment & Services[/b]

TV Box + Remote

Service to Additional TV with TV Adapter Qty 2

[b]Service Fees[/b]

Broadcast TV Fee

Regional Sports Fee

[b]Taxes, fees and other charges[/b]

Regulatory Cost Recovery

Franchise Fe

Public, Educ & Govt Fee

[b]Taxes & Government fees[/b]

Sales Tax


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