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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 7:00 PM

Audio Problems on Certain Channels

Quincy, MA - Audio on Channels 2 (WGBH) and 16 (WGBX) intermittently lose audio two or three times a minute, and sometimes lose audio entirely.  You have to change the channel and change it back to restore audio, or rewind if you're watching these channels from the DVR.  And now Channel 942 (METV) is garbled with static.  It's not equipment related, it's only on these channels.


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7 m ago

I have the exact same problem.and it is very annoying since those channels are what I watch most often. My cable box is the Motorola DCT700/US.

When I run the trouble shooter and it tries to connect to my box it can't find it.

(screen shot)



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