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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 3:31 AM


AppleTV+ on small cable box

AppleTV+ app does not load on our small cable box. It works fine on our big cable box. It works fine when I use it on a non-xfinity device. I can't log off and log on with the small cable box because the app doesn't load far enough. All other apps and channels work fine. It looks like this: https://youtu.be/6FGTPlG6djE

I think that this coincides with getting a new box when the previous one stopped working, but I only think so because I'm trying to find some explanation. 

1. Can you help me get it working?

2. Can you give me a credit for the month beginning January 25? It's been out for a couple of weeks. 

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1 year ago

I am sorry to hear that your app isn't loading. Is everything else working on your box? 


Give this a try: Delete the download and try to download it again. Make sure your device remains connected to your in-home XFINITY network or the Internet while downloading. Changing or losing your connection while downloading could corrupt a download.



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@rgzdad I don't have an option to delete the app in the Entertainment Apps section.  As the other user said I get the AppleTV+ icon and it does not show the three loading dots.  It just sits there and eventually the screen goes black.  It works fine on the tv connected to the bigger box downstairs.

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