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Fri, Sep 20, 2019 7:00 PM

2 DVR's shows not showing

I have 2 DVR's, after removing HBO and adding the more sports package and having a box taken off my account I don't have. The listings on one of my DVR's aren't showing, that is until I power cycle then they aren't showing on the other DVR.


So DVR 1 has recordings and DRV 2 has recordings but are not showing. I'll power cycle DVR 2 and the listing will return but now are gone on DVR 1. Rinse and repeat... 


Otherwise, the DVR's are actually working fine, can watch TV, record, etc.  TV listings are good, everything downloads and updates after a power cycle. Just that there are no DVR recorded listings shown. DVR's will display the space taken 80% etc...


All was good until about 3:00 this afternoon when my account changes went into effect. Then had the DVR issues.


Called cust-support who were quite helpful but were unable to resolve the issue through resets, looking at my billing and checking the serials.


What could cause the DVR's to behave like this? This is happening on both DVR's so the likelihood of 2 DVR's going mechanically bad at the same time seems unlikely. 



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