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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 5:03 PM

Voicemail messages indicator always on DESPITE VOICEMAIL BEING DISABLED

We followed the instructions in


Alas, on https://connect.xfinity.com/voice/settings/voicemailindicator

it says "This telephone number does not have access to Voicemail."

And on https://connect.xfinity.com/voice/voicemail

it says "Voicemail is not enabled for this number."

No, I do not want to enable voicemail.

I just want to turn off the indicator, on my AT&T CL84307 phone.

Yes, one can do it temporarily via the AT&T instruction book.

But then within hours Xfinity turns it right back on again!

Yes we called, and the friendly Xfinity customer service agent already "did all he could".

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