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Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 2:39 PM


Using the Community Forum

Am I in the right place ?  Are Community Forum and Community Center the same ?

I am experiencing two issues with using this platform  :  On the Homepage , when I tap on a category , nothing happens .  Additionally , I put much thought & time into a post and it goes away " refresh page "  .  I'm not trying to re-write posts here .  
       It's maddening to navigate under these circumstances . 🚧


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The Community Center is a board within the Xfinity Forum. It is used for people to discuss/ask questions related to the Forum specifically. The rest of the forum is for our Comcast products and services. 

When you state that you are having issues with accessing Categories, can you please describe what you mean in more detail or possibly include images? This will allow us to better to understand your concern and get it addressed.

I see a number of posts authored by you recently, can you please elaborate more on what you mean by "I put much thought & time into a post and it goes away " refresh page "". I have received no other complaints from users about what you are mentioning. Again, can you provide additional information and/or screenshots of whatever error you are experiencing? 

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