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Tue, Jan 4, 2022 11:25 PM


Private message...


I'm not seeing any way to send you a private message. I read this comment:


And would like to know how to make this happen.

Thank you!


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@cm_13cd00 Direct messaging isn't allowed until an official employee asks you to do so; it's against the Forum Guidelines and the Acceptable Use Policy to send anyone an unrequested DM/PM.  Also note, if you do send one without being asked to do so, it could possibly be ignored.

Please post your issue in the proper forum so that it can be addressed either by other customers or by an Official Employee.

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To send a private message:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click the message count or envelope icon to go to your Private Messages Inbox.
  3. Click the New Message icon.
  4. Enter the recipient's name in the Send to field.
  5. Type the reply in the Message box
  6. Click Enter to send your message.
  7. You can see your back and forth messages with any user by clicking the messages.


Please remember, the best communities have most conversations happening in the public boards. This helps to ensure that our users get the fastest most accurate response possible provided by other user or our Official Employees. This also serves to benefit other users who may have a similar question. When interacting with an employee we will always try to keep as much of the conversation in that public thread but know we may ask you for a private message if we need to discuss your account-specific details. To help maintain our forum design, we ask that you never send unsolicited/unwanted private messages to any employee or user in these forums unless specifically asked to do so. If you do not see the feature on your profile, it may be because you have never posted a question on one of our public boards.


For additional information on the Xfinity Forum Policies regarding unsolicited private messages, please see here:  https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Guidelines/Xfinity-Forum-Guidelines/td-p/3115028.

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