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Sun, Nov 7, 2021 4:12 AM

Forums Login Failure

Hi there’s an issue while trying to login to forums.xfinity.com via Safari on iOS. 

Once the credentials are accepted, I receive the xfinity code but fails to authenticate, hence, unable to login.

However, login credentials and xfinity code works with while using Microsoft Edge for iPhone. 

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2 m ago

@XfinityJessie Thanks for reaching out Jessie, yes, iOS and Safari has been current. Just logged in it was successful. Thanks for having it addressed, i wasn’t able to use forums on Safari for almost the whole year. No issues as of now. Once again thank you! 

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3 m ago


We sincerely apologize for the issues that you are experiencing when attempting to log into the Xfinity Forum. Can I ask if you are using the latest version of iOS and Safari? Also, when you input the code an it "fails" are you seeing any error codes letting you know that the code was not accepted or "failed"?

Thank you for the additional information we look forward to getting this figured our for you.

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