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Saturday, March 19th, 2022 6:07 AM


Xfinity Sent me an unauthorized second flex box and has been charging me for it for the last year

I just noticed my bill went up since I am out of the first year promotional period.  When I was reviewing my bill I noticed I've had an extra $5 a month on my account for a second flex box... I never requested either flex box and did not know why xfinity sent them to me. They have sat in the closet  since we received them in the mail. I never authorized a second flex box and never agreed to be charged for a second flex box.

I am not the only person this happened to there are at least two others that I found on this forum within the first two pages of searching "two flex boxes". This seems like an intentional and predatory business practice on Xfinity's part and I will be filing complaints if it is not rectified.



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2 years ago

Hey there! I assure you this is not an intentional practice or in any way the experience we hope for our amazing customers. Our goal is to provide you a clear and transparent process which is why any time anything that impacts your bill is changed it must be approved and agreed on by our customers. I would love the opportunity to help review these charges and make the appropriate corrections.


Please send me a private message with your name and address to get started. 


To send a Private Message, please click on the chat icon in the top-right corner of the screen, next to the bell icon, and then type or select "Xfinity Support" to initiate a live chat.

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