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Sun, Dec 12, 2021 5:39 PM


My camera detects cars and sends me notifications but I have setting filtering on just people.

My camera continues to notify me of cars driving by yet it is set to only notify me of people.  How can I fix this?




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9 m ago

Aim it down farther.   You only want it to detect people in your yard.


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9 m ago


Hi, there! I had that same thing happen and I can appreicate only wanting to get notifications if it’s something that needs your attention. Did the information that @MNtundraRET post help? That is very true and great advice. The cameras will pick up motion so cars can trigger it. However, if you have it aimed more at your hard or areas where you need to see foot traffic, then it picks up human movement but not things like cats or birds (unless it’s a huge bird 😊).

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