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Tue, Apr 5, 2022 6:48 PM

2 Xfinity accounts in same household

This incident took place from 4/3/22-4/5/22


I had an unpleasant few days with Xfinity. I moved into a room of a house, and this room has a coaxial outlet. My landlord has their own Xfinity modem in the house. So I called an agent. By the end of it I talked to 7 agents telling me 4 different things. Lets go through them.

Agent 1: You can’t have two Xfinity accounts in the same household. (no explanation)

Agent 2: You can have two Xfinity accounts in the same household you just need to tweak the address (123-A Apple Street)

Agent 3: Same as Agent 1.

Agent 4: Same as Agent 2.

Agent 5: No need to change your address just ask the tech to put in a separate line.

*Techs come to house. Tech: Saying what Agent 2 and 4 said.

Agent 6: No need to change address, can have as many Xfinity accounts in household.


Then I called Agent 7 because they got my wifi modem working but disconnected my landlord’s even though I made it crystal clear that the landlord has an account here, and want it to where both are running. My landlord comes home and calls me about the internet and I am put in this awkward situation with my landlord I’ve known for 2 days. Our rooms are the farthest they can be from each other and I have to stretch my modem as far as I can toward her room and then run a router out as far as I could in the hallway. I called Agent 7 to set up a tech appointment ASAP.

This tech comes in the morning and fixes the problem in less than 5 minutes and fills me in on what’s actually true. SO HERE IS THE INSTRUCTIONAL BIT FOR ALL YOU FELLOW XFINITY USERS:


You CAN have more than 1 ACCOUNT in the same household.

You DO NOT need to tweak the address. The two modems WILL NOT butt heads. If you tweak an address an auditor will come out to make sure the 123-A Apple Street exists, if it doesn’t then you get cancelled. The place has to have its own utilities (kitchen bathroom, etc.)

The ONLY time the modems will butt heads is if more than 1 account has video streaming such as Xfinity Flex. So if you want to have Xfinity flex or something you need to make sure that no one in the house does or no one is going to be happy. You can have unlimited internet only accounts, but only one of those accounts can video stream.


If you call and an agent says you cant do it. You tell them they are WRONG.

If you call an agent and they say you have to tweak the address. You tell them they are WRONG.


Agent 5 might’ve been right, perhaps the techs did put in a separate line. Agent 6 was right. Everybody else including the first techs were wrong.


To Xfinity: I like Xfinity, you guys hook me up with promotions and deals. This incident however was a nightmare. TOO MANY MISINFORMED agents and techs spouting off things that aren’t true. I had to sift through all the information and piece together what was actually true. Right now I am more informed on this subject than quite a handful of your agents.



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I am having this same problem! What’s more is that I already had 2 accounts in the same address up until last month, so I know it works.

The first time we tried to set up an additional account for my tenant, mine got disconnected, but we called and they fixed it in no time.
Then that tenant moved away, and the new one also opened an account with Xfinity since the connection was already there (still 2 accounts, just changed the owner of one of them). When this new account got activated, the original got disconnected again; so we called to explain the same as last time, and are dealing with them saying that this is not allowed. 
I try to explain that this is not possible because I already went through this, and we keep going in circles. Xfinity needs to train all their agents to be on the same page, this is terrible customer service and a waste of everyone’s time!

The funny thing is, that the tenant that moved away took their service to another house with the same situation, and was also able to get connected with no issue! So I have more than enough proof. 



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@Karl_Gonzalez​ Goodluck. You're rolling the dice hoping that the someone on the other line is an agent who is familiar with the subject.

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