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Fri, Sep 10, 2021 8:43 AM

xfinity you've acquired many subscribers who joined for many more quality channels and the on demand bonus for free viewing

You can hide under your wordy contract but I don't see how you can justify losing shows to streaming that all require subscriptions and aren't accessible on demand as intended to us. Watching a show live on any network channel , only to go on demand to watch other episodes of that show included in my package, & see it's available to rent or subscribe to streaming ; puts you in breach to all customers. This isn't like dropping a few channels and replacing them , it's a big chunk of everyone's subscription being hijacked . [Edited: "Soliciting"] Xfinity has lost many networks to the network+ formats. Our quality tv and unfree on demand isn't being replaced with equal channels to justify the cost anymore. Cable prices need to come down , like none of us should be paying more than 100 or 150 (for all channels + premiums). It has to change now, it's gone on for years


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Welcome to the Xfinity Forum and thank you for posting your question here. We sincerely apologize for the confusion that you may be experiencing. As mentioned by user billmich88888, we are only able to pass along what ever free content that is available to us from the channel provider. If they allow us to include a show live over the air and free OnDemand we will certainly pass that along to our customers. If the channel provider decides they would like to gate content and require customers to pay for past episodes/seasons, unfortunately that is the decision of the channel provider. We will pass that decision along to our customer's a well. We always recommend checking other locations to see if they are offering what you are wanting to watch for free. Recently we have added the Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and many other apps to our X1 and Flex television equipment. This ensures that you can easily navigate to your favorite content without the need of switching devices. 

If you are concerned about a specific show and its current availability we recommend contacting the channel provider directly to share your concerns. 

Thanks again for sharing your concerns. Please let us know if you have any other questions. 



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comcast just retransmits what is fed to them, your issue is with the content creators are doing....go take it up with AMC and Discovery......

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