Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 6:28 PM

Xfinity TV Plan Changed without my knowledge

I am extremely annoyed with Comcast/Xfinity.  I have the XFINITY PACKAGE = - SELECT + MORE 210+ channels.  I as upsell a Mobile plan instead of having a landline.  However, my TV plan was downgraded to 10+ Channels.  I was not aware nor did I ask for this to be done.  I have called in to the Customer Service department a couple of times but was told they cannot restore my existing plan because it is a legacy plan that no longer exists.  Instead I was signed up for a new plan that is now costing >$50.00 more that I did not agree to.  I was told multiple times that they can help me but has never made any offers to get me anything similar to what I have...instead, they try to upsell me on different products/service.  I have requested to speak with a manager but no one ever call me back.  Extremely POOR SUPPORT.  I have already cancelled my mobile service and is looking to cancel my TV service as well.  I will keep my internet for now until I find another company who treats their customers fairly.

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2 months ago

@Wade3971 Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we are sorry to hear of the experience you are having. We also see your DM and have responded to you. Please DM us with your full name and address so that we can assist you further.

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