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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 5:00 PM

Xfinity commercials interrupting live broadcasts

Several times in recent days I have been watching live TV (usually a news program) when an Xfinity commercial breaks into the middle of the show.  Anything that would have aired during the time the commercial is playing is lost, and it is always an Xfinity commercial.


Today's example was watching Next with Kyle Clark on Denver's NBC channel.  At 6:13pm a very interesting story was interrupted for me to see an Xfinity ad.  Why?  Are you trying to lose customers?  This needs to stop!  It may be a local issue - I don't care.  Who needs to be told to not play an Xfinity commercial at the wrong time?


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9 m ago

I have been trying to find an answer to this. It happens often enough that I’m getting really annoyed. I am a regular news watcher and it always disrupts something I don’t want to miss. I’ve never experienced this until maybe the latter half of 2020 and still in 2021.

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1 m ago

I just traded in my dying old box for an X1 a couple days ago, so the problems with X1 are new to me. Twice today, an Xfinity promo interrupted the broadcast on the BBC World News Service. These weren't normal Comcast commercials. Instead, a static image appeared frozen on the screen. I don't know how long it would have lasted. In both cases, I cleared the promo by re-entering the channel for the BBC News. 

Dear Xfinity--with very rare exceptions, I watch 5 TV channels. Because the main one (the BBC World Service) is not available with the standard package, I'm paying extra for over 200 channels that don't interest me in the least. I don't want to add your promos to the junk I don't want. If you want to use my television as your billboard, negotiate with me over the price you'd pay (which, since I detest marketing, I'd probably refuse anyway). 

I suppose, with Labor Day coming up, I'll have to wait a couple days, but enough irritates me about X1 that I intend to see if I can still get a non-X1 box.

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