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Thu, Feb 18, 2021 6:00 AM

Tennis Channel Everywhere... finally!

Xfinity was the only major TV provider to not allow loging into Tennis Channel Everywhere. Now it appears like "Coming soon" on their website and, better yet, it is already available as "TV Go" in the Xfinity apps, that is, there's no need to be in your home network anymore to be able to watch it. Let's cross our fingers...


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5 m ago

This is the best news tennis fans have had in a long time! Crazy that Xfinity/Comcast was so late to the game. Fingers crossed.


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1 m ago

Hi - former Xfinity TV customer (still Internet customer.)  One reason I cord-cut to a streaming TV provider around Autumn of 2020 was that I couldn’t get Tennis Channel and other channels (NHL, MLB, some others I think) while away from home which was most of the time.  

Has Comcast/Xfinity “fixed” that woesome state of sports-viewing affairs?  Or are there still a bunch of sports channels not part of “TV-Go”?  As I told the Xfinity rep when I cancelled TV, it wasn’t necessarily forever.  Curious to hear if Xfinity meets my minimum criteria to even consider a rejoin.

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