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Fri, Oct 18, 2019 5:00 PM

TCM -Channel change

I want to know how come my Daughter has the TCM channel on her TV while I have the Xfinity1 package and upgrade and she doesn't - I spend more and get less - Comcast you are a joke !

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2 y ago

Does your daughter have the Sports and Entertainment tier?

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2 y ago

Cancel Comcast TV. Purchase a Roku streaming box. Subscribe to YouTube Tv and you will be able to watch. TCM for less money than you were paying Comcast.

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2 y ago

I will join the chorus of disgruntled longtime customers and say that I find this move absolutely ridiculous and evidence of a total disregard on the part of this company for customers like me.

For a couple of years now friends and family have asked me why I still subscribe to a traditional cable package. Well, after this move I am wondering that myself.

I am not going to promise here and now that I will cancel my subscription, but for the first time ever I am actively exploring other options, especially since I have now learned that TCM is available on several streaming services like Sling that will not force me to pay for sports channels I have zero interest in.

I would urge whoever is in charge to rethink this terrible decision. I have always been a defender of this company to others I know who are contemplating cutting the cord, but I think those days are over. I just can’t justify a business model anymore that would produce a decision like this.

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