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Sat, Jan 11, 2020 6:00 AM

Poor reception on CBS channel 433

I am experiencing very poor reception on channel 433, CBS. It sputters, pixilates and sometimes we lose audio. I am not having this on other channels. Anything I can do?



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1 y ago

Check your cables that they are tight and in good repair, remove any extra splitters and possibly have a tech out to troubleshoot further Channels come in on different frequencies, something is impeding the frequency of CBS and possibly others that you don’t watch or get



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7 d ago

We have been experiencing the pixelation problem on CBS. We also get XRE 03059 error code, which does not allow any access to CBS, too often. We messaged the tech line a few weeks ago, who responded back saying they resolved the problem on their side( which cleared up the problem on that specific day). We received the same error message the next day. Always occurs trying to access CBS. The problem does not occur every day, but seems to occur a couple times per week. I’m not comfortable with a ‘loose connection’ answer, since it only affects the CBS signal, and also because tech support line said they fixed it, temporarily, on ‘their’ side. When I changed main receiver with the Xfinity office, they said that error would be fixed with the new box. This has been going on for months. Help! 

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Hi, @user_509c51! I'm sorry for your experience with the pixelation on CBS. We are happy to help and look into the issue further. Since this is an old thread, we ask for you to please create a new thread so we may assist there. Thank you!  

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