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Saturday, August 26th, 2023 9:36 PM

Peacock Premium Activation

At the end of June 2023 I took advantage of the free Peacock Premium offer since I am a Diamond Rewards Xfinity customer.  I created an account on the Peacock website and supposedly activated my account.  However when I open the Peacock app on my TV with my Peacock account it claims that it still needs to be activated.  When I visit the Rewards page it shows that the Peacock Premium has been claimed, but only gives me an Exit button.  How do I resolve this issue?  

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1 month ago

I was able to connect both TVs to Peacock Premium.

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@pwcprime Thanks for sharing the update! Glad everything is working now. 

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13 days ago

how was this resolved as i'm coming across the same.  I've reached out to Xfinity via 800 number - no luck,  I've used "Ask Xfinity" which routed me to Peacock Customer care which told me to activate via purchasing the plan (which i stated is included since i'm Diamond and X1 and sent screen shots.)  Seems like an endless circle of no soltution

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