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Monday, September 12th, 2022 2:34 AM

Live TV Delay

Why is my live tv 15-20 seconds delayed from the antenna? Watching football, and talking to a friend on the phone, and I hear my team scored. On my tv, they didn't even line up yet. Check my stat tracker, and xfinity was at least 15-20 seconds behind? It's irritating. 



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4 months ago

Seems like a lot of ppl having this issue as am I.  The only reason I have cable is for live sports.  Streaming apps are ahead of my cable.  This shouldn’t be the case. 

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Hello @nicksbarra I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your TV and the delay. May I ask how you are connected to watch TV? Are you using a cable box, or streaming from an app? 

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3 months ago

That is normal. The over the air signal comes directly from the local transmitter.

Cable signals go from a broadcaster to a satellite, to cable service, through a cable to devices in your home before reaching your television. Also, different brands, models, can slow the signal..



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1 month ago

I have the same issue and I would say it's more like a 30 seconds plus delay. This may be happening with every channel, but it's most evident with sports. My friends who are watching football via YouTube TV or Hulu, would see and react to the result of a 4th down play, while I'm still watching the 3rd down play! For me, this issue just started happening about 3 months ago. Can someone please help fix this?


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1 month ago

It happens with every live channel, and there's nothing new about it. Watch the clock on, say, CNN and compare it to an accurate clock. It's the nature of cable TV; I don't think there's anything that anybody can do to "fix" it.

And you think cable TV is bad? Try listening to SiriusXM satellite radio's app - it can be 2 minutes behind live.

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