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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 2:07 PM


Free Streaming Channels with Xfinity

Available now, Xfinity is giving all its customers more entertainment to enjoy in the Xfinity Stream app with the addition of 20+ free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels from Xumo Play, NBC and Sky. These channels are available to any Xfinity customer, regardless of whether they subscribe to Xfinity Video, at no extra cost.


Upon signing into Stream, customers will see free TV shows and movies seamlessly integrated within the channel guide and elsewhere throughout the experience. This approach makes it easy for Xfinity customers to surf between any subscribed channels and free streaming (FAST) channels to find something to watch without having to toggle between apps.


These new channels include NBC News NOW, Sky News, and 20+ Xumo-branded channels, offering customers a wide variety of news, movies and TV shows spanning genres such as comedy, crime TV, black cinema, lifestyle, reality TV, game shows, kids and more.  Comcast plans to bring more free streaming channels to the Stream app in the future.


For additional information on FAST Channels on Xfinity, please see here

Disclaimer: Viewing requires access to internet service and will count against your data plan.
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1 year ago

What about the offer of free Peacock Premium for 2 years?



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1 year ago

When I go to the channels it says subscription required!

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We apologize that you are having issues with our Free Streaming (FAST) Channels with Xfinity. When using the Xfinity Stream app, what specific channels are you noticing that "subscription required" message? Please note, as of today, 07/05/2023, our Free Streaming (FAST) Channels include only NBC News NOW, Sky News, and 20+ Xumo-branded channels. 

Can you also provide specific information about your device OS and Xfinity Stream version information?

This information will help us to better identify and resolve your issue.

Thank you in advance for that information. We look forward to hearing back from you.


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