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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 1:53 AM

cartoon network now a paid service?

To Xfinity

My bill is electronic so I missed the notice stating this change.  I really feel this is a breach of contract, but I am sure buried in the legal jargon,  Xfinity can do anything they want.  I do understand this is probably not all on you, considering Cartoon Network is owned by ATT, one of the largest unregulated monopolies on the planet.  I am speculating ATT is behind this hike, forcing its competitors to pony up on the channels they own, but doesn't really explain the customer experience of your organization.  

I left Xfinity years ago because of the ever increasing costs and subpar service.  I've only been back with Xfinity for for a handful of months and already I am looking for new service provider.   My service (cable & Internet) seem to go out at least once a month for several hours at a time.   When I try to call in for help I get your your automated system which is the worst I have ever experienced of any company.  Instead of being helped, I end hanging up extremely angered.  When I do get someone live, its someone from a foreign country who reads and reacts from placated script.  They are usually powerless to do anything outside the script and have questionable basic English skills.  The whole customer experience on trying to get help barely registers as a 2 on a scale from 1 - 10. 

My service provider search continues....

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Hello @Tdub7 I hate to hear about the poor experience you've had with your services overall and with customer service when reaching out to help. I can definitely look into any service related issues you've been experiencing. Cartoon Network moved to the Digital Preferred or Preferred packages and is no longer available in other packages. Our goal is to always deliver the shows and movies our customers love to watch at the best value possible. With programming costs continuing to rise, moving Cartoon Network allows us to avoid passing these rising costs to customers, while still offering the channel for customers who value it. Every month, Comcast pays programmers like networks, local TV station owners and others, for the ability to bring their programming to you. We regularly review our programming and sometimes make changes to ensure we're offering a wide variety of programming at the best value. We look at a variety of factors, including customer viewership and programming costs when making these decisions. Given this, we moved the Cartoon Network to the Digital Preferred, Preferred or Preferred+ package, to help manage programming costs that are passed on to our customers while continuing to make the channel available to those who want to watch it. I can check and see if we have any promotions that meet your needs that the channel would be included in, as well as look into the service issues you've been experiencing. 


Please send us a Live Chat with your first and last name as well as your service address so we can assist. 
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