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Wed, Nov 20, 2019 2:00 PM

Being lied to by customer service about ID network

On November 13, 2019, I contacted Comcast/Xfinity about seeing if I could raise my internet to 1 Gig that was being advertised in my area.  I was told that, not only could I raise my speed from 100MPBS to 1 Gig, I could actually do it for cheaper.


I should have immediately realized that I was going to be shafted, yet again, by Comcast.  But alas, I did not listen to that little inner voice of caution.  Instead, I continued talking to the rep.


She asked what channels I viewed.  I said that I had the highest level premiun subscription, as I had had for years (since 2011),. She said she understood, but wanted to know which channels I watched the most.  I told her, including the premium channels I watched, and SPECIFICALLY stated how important the ID network was because it was the one channel that my wife watched the most.


She said that was great, and then told me we woudl save money and get the same service, and 1 Gig internet.  What could go wrong?


The technician came out yesterday to upgrade the internet.  I presume he also "changed the code" from our Triple Play package to whatever the newest package is.  Of course, as I have found out, none of the new packages include ID Network,  


Note, I SPECIFICALLY stated on the call how important it was to keep ID.  The customer service representative assured me we would.


At best, she was misinformed.  At worst, Comcast has been told to try their best to get people our of grandfathered packages like Triple Play.  I presume they incur charges to ID Network for the grandfathered users.  I also wonder if their isn't some sort of incentive program to get clients to switch out of grandfathered packages.  


So, of course, after realizing the station was inactive, I called Comcast customer service.  I was told (1) once they switch you from a grandfathered package to a new service, it is "impossible" to switch you back; (2) we couldn't even add ID if we paid for it; and (3) they weren;t going to do anything to address the fact I had been fraudulent induced into making a change against my EXPRESSED condition that we keep ID.  


I went to the local store to see if in-person contact would help,  Of course, I got the same answer, but they did offer to send my complaint to "corporate".  I am not holding my breath that I will actually get a response.


In looking into the issue, it appears that this action is happenig A LOT, which makes it unlikely to be accidental,  Is anyone aware if incentives exist to switch clients out of grandfathered packages?


Finally, has anyone else has ANY success in either being reinstated, adding ID individually, or at very least getting some level of compensation for being coerced into switching under false pretenses?

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2 y ago

Pretty much the same thing happened to me.  I was told I could get the ID channel by unbundling. Which oops is $70 dollars a month more than what I pay now. The customer service is horrible

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1 y ago

Absolutely horrible service by comcast when they allow their customer service reps to lie to customers. 


Here is a case where the comcast rep lied to me about our pricing: - Now, comcast refuses to honor me the price they originally promised.

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