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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 3:00 PM

ARE YOU STILL WATCHING pop up (started within the past couple of weeks and is VERY ANNOYING)

AS of a couple of weeks ago, "Are you still Watching" started popping up on my screen (NOT FROM MY TV) during LIVE TV shows, not when it is paused during phone call or bathroom break.   If I don't respond quickly, it will turn live TV into the screensaver.   This is happening when I have live TV on and haven't touched anything after 4 hours. This never used to happen and I need it to stop because I am paying for the service and it is a complete over-reach on Xfinity's part to even ask.  I may not be in the same room but am listening or watching it, not that it matters to Xfinity.  If you are watching a marathon or binge watching shows, there is no reason to touch the remote just to let Xfinity know I am actually there.  If I cannot get to the remote in time, it will go to the screensaver and therefore stop playing what I was watching!!  Please make this STOP!!  I am paying for continuous service and not in 4 hour blocks so therefore it is NO BUSINESS of Xfinity if I want my TV on for 24 hours, 7 days a week.   It is MY PREROGATIVE and as long as I am paying for the service, Xfinity should not be interfering.   Please advise on how to make this STOP!!



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7 m ago

@ShenaB Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above. 


You can adjust the settings on your X1 box to extend that timeout to 5 hours. Below shows how to do that:


I have shared your feedback with our product development teams.  

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this does not answer my ??? do i get it to stop using xfinity stream ???



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@ComcastTeds This does NOT address issue.  Please stop avoiding answer and make the xfinity programmers explain why they won't give option for screensaver override and treating customers like kids with TV time limits.  Why did they make this change without informing customers and decide need to force TV limits even tho we pay high price to have continuous use???.  Your paying customers deserve to have explanation and solution asap.


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@rita888 Thank you for your feedback. I understand the sleep mode option is an inconvenience for you and you would like an option to change the screesaver.  In order to reserve energy the sleep mode options is provided. We will continue to provide more options in the future as we get feedback. 


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4 d ago

@ShenaB  The message you are seeing is associated with the power saving option. Turn power saving option to "Off".  View This topic: X1 Power Preferences


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2 d ago

I was also having this issue with my television turning off as the cable box after 4 hours while watching live television  . I called  Comcast  and  was told it was  a defective box  ( typical resolution  troubleshooting)  I soon  discovered this " Green" energy saving feature was turned on (I never turned it on and I am the only one using the television)   Very frustrating.   Warning alway  check the settings  .  I hope no Green feature  are added  these is too much propaganda with NBC.

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