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Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 8:00 PM


Any hope for BeIN Sports through Comcast?

I know there were some older threads on this topic, but with the fair success* of two France Ligue 1 clubs in the recently completed 2020 UEFA Champions League, it seems the right time to reexplore the chances of seeing Ligue 1 (and Spain’s La Liga) on Comcast, per carrying BeIN Sports. (And if not, perhaps folks can provide some input on best alternatives.)

*both Lyon and Paris gave champs Munich the best run for its money in the semis and final, respectively

So for me, any potential Comcast agreement with BeIN would be valueless unless it would work over a good 4G connection, and not be subject to “only on home (Wifi) network” restrictions. Best would be to allow Xfinity login through BeIN’s apps. And of course, everything in HD. Now does anyone think there is any chance of this happening even with a better image for Ligue 1?

Anyone here still a Comcast TV customer *and* also a consumer of BeIN via web streaming? Anything of good value to share? It doesn’t make too much sense to me to pay “cord cutter” prices for either Fubo or Sling, just to get BeIN for even more add-on fees, and also keep Comcast.

I was very excited when first hearing of Fanatiz on the World Soccer Talk site: 8 bucks a month for BeIN, Gol TV, and other South American tournament coverage. That would be a perfect complement for a Comcast TV customer. Sounded almost too good to be true! Then I read reviewer comments on Fanatiz on the App Store and heard about the poor streaming quality, crashes, and poor customer service.

Any better options for us folks willing to pay a reasonable price for a quality BeIN Sports experience without jettisoning the Mothership (Comcast TV) for most other viewing?

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4 years ago

Based on the overwhelming response to this topic, I assume I am (was) the last Xfinity customer who cared about BeIN to do anything about it.

If any one else does care, I have good news: Fanatiz works great despite all the recent negative reviews on App Store. I spend time in two locations. In one, all I have is great 4G coverage. All Fanatiz channels and replay stream great. You can direct to a larger screen with Lightning to Digital adapter. In the other, with home wifi, it streams great to the desktop and plays just fine via Roku channel on the TV.

Via the standard Fanatiz package for $8 per month, with BeIN Sports and other channels, you get the leagues from France, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Guatemala. And I *think* Argentina once it starts up. And the big all-South American competition Copa Libertadores starting Sep 15th.

Fanatiz is the perfect complement for an Xfinity futbol fan...stuff Comcast does not have, nothing that Comcast already has. Comcast should thank Fanatiz for existing and preventing some from cord-cutting.
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