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RE: Gigabit speed issues - misleading


RE: Gigabit speed issues - misleading

Interestingly my original thread got removed... probably because I was speaking the truth but... ok, let's live a lie 🙂


I have, finally, an engineer coming out this afternoon and will update to see what they say about the issue. 


To recap: 

I have had the package for 1 year and not even getting close to 600Mbps. It's usually in the range of 450-500mbps.

No matter what connection I use or network cables. No matter if it is behind a router or directly to the modem (Motorola SB8600). No matter if I use a 1gbps NIC or a 10gbps NIC. 


I'd be curious to see what the reason is this time round.


Re: RE: Gigabit speed issues - misleading

Your original thread is here, and no, it hasn't been removed nor closed.  Please continue your discussion there. This thread is closed. 

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