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Blink XT2 Cameras

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Blink XT2 Cameras

Hello forum peeps.  It has been A LOOOONG time since I signed on and read anything and enlsited you all for help.   Guess that is a good thing 😉


Mesh with 9 XFi Pods (House not real big, but the walls and such wreak havoc for some reason and have dead spots I needed to cover and pods work great!).


I bought Blink four XT2 Cameras.   I set two of the four up.  EZPZ and no issues.  Wanted to test things out for a month.  All good.  Went to add the other 2 and they would not connect.


Rebooted router.  Sync module.  Phone app is on.  Loggec out/in of Blink app.  No go.


I called link tech support had me use my phone as a 2.4 Hotspot.  Switch the connection on the App and cameras to it.   Boom I was able to add the two cameras instantly.


So I switch back to my Xfinity wifi and the two new cameras are not working.  The other two that worked before are still good to go.


So it appears I need to explicitly setup 2.4 and 5Ghz on seperate SSIDs.  Blink support sugested I to do this and they cannot answer why I had no issue with the other two cameras. And since all four worked just fine on my 2.4 hotspot, the issue is with the cameras getting muddled with the dual band 😞  I found a few support items in the blink forums also confirming that the cameras only work on 2.4.  Even mention using certain channels.   Ran across this artcile as well: https: // www .


I see that the Blink Sync Module is on 2.4 and ALL cameras show up in the not connected list, as they only connect when activated.  And the info I see in the details is they are using 2.4 when they connect.


So I gave up and went go to edit my modem/router, but see I can no longer edit things directly.  And I go online and in the Phone App and I see no way of renaming the 2.4 wifi.


So how can I do this?



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Re: Blink XT2 Cameras

It seems if you have the pods you can't do anything?  (See this post:


Is there really no way to change channels and/or disable 5Ghz?


Blink supports keeps just reiterating device WILL ONLY WORK on 2.4.  The Blink Module is on 2.4.  The two working cameras are on 2.4.  The two non-working cameras try to connect (and I get alerted when they do) to 2.4 (at least this is what the xfi app says).  


I was told to expect my two working cameras to stop working as they should of never been able to connect.  And it appears to the two tech support folks who were mad at me say it MUST BE 2.4 and no matter what I tell them about 2.4 being active and there they keep saying they cameras are trying to connect to the 5Ghz.  It makes no sense a that a 2.4 device would try to connect to another band.  It makes no sense the 2.4 is there, but they are saying it can't get to it.  Ugh!


I did notice that the two cameras show up (via the Xfia app) as "Brand = Generic Brand , Model = Vendor: Texas Instrument" devices while the two working ones show up as "Brand = Blink , Model =Blink / Blink XT Camera".  And I mentioned that , but Blink support just ignored me.


Web searching ahs really not turned up any info on Blink XT2 cameras and Xfinity network.  I find this odd.  Maybe the 3 search engines have tehm ranked so low I have to keep looking. Tried all manner of wording to find stuff.


Oh well.  If I run across new info I will reply.  Things should nt be this hard with current state of tech.


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Re: Blink XT2 Cameras

I bought some TL-WA855RE extenders to broadcast only 2.4.  Now I am running into the router only issuing ipv6 addresses to the devices conencted with this extender.  Ahhh!  TP-Link support going to look into this. 

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Re: Blink XT2 Cameras

Well when I tried to add the extenders, things were not so EZPZ (my norm).  The y would connect, but I could not get to the internet.  Took some doing, but finally able to get it to not behvae as a DHCP server (evne though it is was off).  Then the had to update the firmware.  Still issues. 


Worked with TPlink support.  Wow they are very responsive.  At least they were for me.  I tried doing another one to see if there was an issue with the first unit... And well that caused my router to go bonkers. 


It stopped issuing IPV4 address and onluy would do IPV6.  All my hard wired devices lost connection.  Some of my picky 2.4 wifi devices lost connection - including my working Blink Sync and the two cameras!!!  After limping for a few days.  Spoke with xfinity support and we ultimatlely did a hard reset of the router.


I renamed my network and used a new password.  All my wired devices connected.  Though some of them still called the network byt the old name.  Odd, but they are working so I don;t care what it calls the network while hard wired.


Updated all my wireless devices to the new network.


OMG!  They network speeds are 2x what they were.  My wifi is faster!  My wired network testing was around 150Mbps avg.  My wifi was alwasy under 60Mbps.  I have 350 plan.  Yeah I just lived with the speeds since I could stream, game, and work with no apparent issue (typically).  


After this reset and connection I was getting 300Mbps avg on wired and for my wifi 5 I was getting the same!!!!!!!!!!


I was able to add my working sync and 2 cameras back.  Whew!


I called this a win and did not want to tempt fate.


3 days later I retest network and still "fast".  So I figure, let me try adding the other blink cameras. 




I was able to add my other 3 cameras.  I also was able to add my other sync module.   I them moved one camera to the other sync module. 


8 hours later.  They are still going strong.  There was a firmware update to the 3 cameras and sync module.  Not sure if that has anything to do with things.  Because in order for firmware to update, they all had to connect to the network, which they were not able to before.


So I returned the extenders and praying to the tech gods that these cameras stay online.


Maybe there was an update to the router and pods when Xfinity pushed this security thing out last month?


Who knows.  We will see ow it goes!!!!  Goin to update my Amazon review.

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Re: Blink XT2 Cameras

Havingthe same issue. Any luck without changing 2.4 and 5 to different connections?


Re: Blink XT2 Cameras



Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue. Thanks. 15 month old dead now being closed.

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