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Arris SBG8300 who handles firmware updates? Getting conflicting information!

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Arris SBG8300 who handles firmware updates? Getting conflicting information!




So according to the Xfinity article AND the advanced technical support rep I spoke to earlier today, Comcast doesn't provide firmware updates for non xFi gateways.


According to Arris, ONLY Comcast can do firmware updates, and since after logging into the gateways admin portal I do not have a option to manually update, that certainly seems to be the case.


So I call Xfinity back again, get told that I have to request the firmware update from Arris?! (again from advanced technical support).


I contact Arris, and they, absolutely and unequivically state that they don't do that, and I have the saved log to show it if you'd like.


"( 1m 24s ) R: i contacted comcast to confirm my firmware was the lastest version
( 1m 36s ) R: just now got off the phone with their advanced support
( 1m 52s ) R: according to them, i have to contact YOU, and you have you request the update through comcast
( 2m 20s ) R: so if you would please?
( 6m 17s ) Hemalatha K: It is important to note that firmware updates for cable modem devices are controlled exclusively by the internet service providers only. This is the case whether the unit is owned privately or leased from them, as a security precaution for users upstream of the connected device. The most up to date version of firmware for your device that is available with your ISP is automatically pushed to the unit from them. There are no firmware/software updates available to install or download for the device.
( 6m 47s ) R: they say because i own the device, they will not push ANY updates normally
( 9m 15s ) R: they specifically said any updates on owned devices must be requested through arris before approved by comcast
( 9m 25s ) Hemalatha K: But not like they activated the modem and only they can access your modem to update the firmware
( 9m 31s ) R: yes
( 9m 42s ) R: i dont even have the option to update the firmware from the web portal
( 10m 23s ) R: only they can update it, and they say they WONT unless a request comes from arris so they can approve the firmware
( 10m 37s ) R: so i'm now going in circles on a device that obviously has software issues
( 11m 6s ) Hemalatha K: I understand but we dont have any option to update or send request about firmware to ISP.
( 11m 22s ) R: ok, so you're saying that comcast is lying to me?
( 11m 44s ) R: this is advanced tech support i just got off the phone with
( 11m 55s ) R: and spent over 40 minutes holding with, so i want to be REALLY sure here
( 13m 30s ) R: im going to be giving them this chat log directly
( 13m 30s ) R: so be sure
( 13m 51s ) Hemalatha K: Yes we or the customer dont have any option to upgrade the firmware only ISP can do that."


What gives? This devices seems to still be on the original firmware, but has numerous complaints and pretty low reviews for a high end device?


The device clearly has software issues. It freezes at random times, and will not respond to login. Power cycle fixes it every time. Even happens in the middle of the night under no activity and then my phone alerts me I'm connected to wifi with no internet. The gateway itself shows NO faults while this is happening. It's not hot either, checked it and even tried putting it in front of a fan, same thing!


Who the heck is responsible for updating the software on this Xfinity approved nightmare?!

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Re: Arris SBG8300 who handles firmware updates? Getting conflicting information!

Comcast controls firmware update for ALL supported modems and gateways. As long as your SBG8300 is on Comcast's support list, it will get updated as Comcast approves updates.


Re: Arris SBG8300 who handles firmware updates? Getting conflicting information!

I have been on that merry-go-round since  I got my sb8200 to replace an sb6183.  It seems that as soon as you mention it is your own modem or you use an OS the techs are unfamiliar with, the standard comcast, xfinity answer is, we don't support those devices.  If they can't support them, why are they listed as compatible devices???  Why is it so difficult to acutally get a straight answer from any of the techs, no matter how you contact them???  I hope you get the answers I can't seem to get.