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new XG1V4-A lasted only 1 day - this morning light was dim and quick flashing - No Signal.

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new XG1V4-A lasted only 1 day - this morning light was dim and quick flashing - No Signal.

This morning the 'new' (suspect from watching two videos re this DVR that mine was a 'used or refurbished' unit acct DVR and remote packaging when rec'd) Arris XG14-A did not wake up as it was when I turned off TV last night. This was sent to me instead of supplying the power pack wall charger for my Pace unit whci failed a few days ago (No power at all to the unit, so was fairly sure that was the issue and not the DVR itself). 

I followed the online and onsite proceedures to the letter and after an initial glitsch getting the remote to select the language (unsure why would not move then as it did a few minutes of effort later) the DVR was registered, linked and worked fine with my M75 Vizio TV.

Thi9s moring I walked in and immediately saw the white LED did not appear to be on. On closer inspection, it was very dim and flickering very fast.

I performed all of the requested and suggested tests and checks, without success except for an occasional brighter more regular flashing LED which sometimes led to the 'Welcome...Bienvenue' screen but no further before dropping out again and the light dimming and flickering again.

My TV showed 'No Signal' except during those few occasions I just described. Now, it has returned to a full-time dimm flicker and no signal. This of course, means that the other X1 box will not work either, and no system refresh is possible acct the main DVR is offline!!!

Needless to say, this week has involved much wasted time on the phone both fighting the digital assistant dragon and trying to remain patient and civil with our Filipino cousins (with one Chicagoan exception) to no improvement of our Hurricane-is-coming-aaarrrggghh TV situation.

The best we have been able to do is get a tech appointment a few days from now and after the storm will have passed.

My questions are this:

  1. What could be happening with the new Arris XG1V4-A so it lasted only 1 day?.
  2. Is this an isolated problem or is it related to the daily restart/standby issue mentioned so often here?
  3. Why could they have not sent simply a power pack for the original Pace DVR which had a power button so the restart.standby issue becomes moot and switchable.
  4. Finally, less seriously, why are there always the suggestions for online actions that cannot be done when the unit does not work. ie changing DVR settings to fix the issue? And why, if my Xfinity says my unit has an issue can they not give just a little bit more description and info?

Do I need to junk this Arris XG1v4 as I suspect, and get another, or is there something I can do? All was further complicated as there was an outage in our area that seemed not to effect anything else at all, and might not be germane,. Just confusing, is all.





Re: new XG1V4-A lasted only 1 day - this morning light was dim and quick flashing - No Signal.

I've got 4 xg1v4 DVRs and never had an issue with them. swapping out at your local Xfinity store would probably help determine if the swap would fix the issue. 

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