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bad signal coming in olathe ks


bad signal coming in olathe ks

I'm tired of this pixelated channel issue cnn is especially bad and this is a constant problem lately ever since all these apps and wifi tv stuff as soon as weather turns cold, rainy, or today some snow its here we go again the higher channels 1111 cnn especially, are worst so much so i can't even switch channel normally to one that works like nick - it acts like it switches but there's cnn pixelated picture over it like remote to box not responding and i have newer voice boxes etc. yes batteries are good. after previous chats and calls with script reps resetting, rebooting, system reset etcetc this is just maddening. last tech put a amplifier on which i know if the signal in is bad that just amplifies that problem. Its not in my house its the area or its outside from pedestal to the house. Xfinity has degraded signal coming in from outside as it only occurs with cold wet weather!! need tech to check this out
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Re: bad signal coming in olathe ks

Have a second tech out and tell them to look specifically at the cnn frequency and any other channels. I’d wager the amp isn’t a true amp but a no loss amp, it doesn’t amplify anything just takes the place of splitters.

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