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XiD-C box won’t start...

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XiD-C box won’t start...

This morning @CCAndrew was kind enough to solve the problem than my XiD-C boxes couldn’t communicate with the X1 DVR And I was able to get the one in my master bedroom working. So I tried getting the one in my bonus room working.

It starts booting, green light flashes on right side, Welcome Bievenido Bienvenue screen is displayed. Green light stops flashing and eventually the screen goes black. No lights on box at all.

I tried swapping it into the Master Bedroom and got the same results.

Bad box?

Re: XiD-C box won’t start...

Hit the power button on top of the box. Should turn it on. Usually if you unplug the box while it is in sleep mode it will boot up and then go back into sleep mode until you hit the button again.