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Xi-6a box trouble

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Xi-6a box trouble

Almost always when I use my Xfinity remote to shut off my TV, the next time I go to turn it on, the Xi-6a box requires me to unplug it and plug it back in in to work. Can’t figure out why. Can someone suggest a fix? Tough getting settled on the couch with a plate of food and a cat or two, then have to get back up to unplug the wireless box.
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Re: Xi-6a box trouble

What are you seeing that is 'requiring you' to do it?  Is it requiring you to unplug your TV from the TV Box or unplug the power to the TV Box to reset it?  What are you seeing that is 'requiring you' to do it?  What make/model TV do you have?  Is swapping the TV Box an option to see if you have a problem box?  A local Xfinity store may do it for no charge.

Joe V
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