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Remove Screensaver to Program XR11 Remote

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Remove Screensaver to Program XR11 Remote

My child lost the remote to a television somehow. I have a spare, but I can't program it because none of the codes listed for the remote work, and I can't do the automated pairing because it is stuck on an (annoying) screensaver. The pairing process apparently cannot get rid of the screensaver, making it impossible to view the 3 digit code that it wants me to enter into the remote. I've even tried unplugging the box and plugging it back in. Still on screensaver! Extremely frustrating, since a screensaver on a tv, for me personally, is something I wish I could turn off permanently, anyway. Can anyone tell me how to get this screensaver off of my screen so that I can program the remote? Thanks!
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Re: Remove Screensaver to Program XR11 Remote

Presss and hold setup and press 987. That factory resets the remote. Is it the X1 screensaver or your tv’s screensaver (try unplugging the tv).

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