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We got Xfinity when we moved here last year, and tech gave us a non X1 box and remotes which we didn't think mattered but we did miss the DVR that was at our prior addresss (DirectTV).


However, I am currently looking to buy a new 4K Samsung TV and when the Comcast tech came by he noted that unknown to me the cable outside on the electric poles are not 4k capable. However, the support techs on phone said the wire pole outside line was 4k capable but just needed a "filter" to allow the 4k signal to pass to my TV box. Buyt tech who arrived, who was a non Comcast employee (contractor) said, no such thing "filter" exists; outside lline pole cable is NOT 4k capable (period). So I asked, can you install a 4k line in for me, and he said "no" as Comast won't pay for outline lines to be 4k capable (in this area of te road).


Question: Who is right ? the phone tech who noted all I need is a pass through 4k filter on pole OR the in person tech who noted, no ush thingie as filter exists ? And why didn't Comcast inform me beforehand (last year)  that (by the way) my outside road line capabilities are not ever going to be 4k ? And I pay for a DVR and 4k which I can't actually get !





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Re: X1 and new 4K tv

I can look into your concerns about the lines in your neighborhood. If you could send me a private message with your full name, and the name listed on the account (if different), I'd be more than happy to look into this for you.


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