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Possible wrong cable box replacement?

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Possible wrong cable box replacement?

I was having volume issues on one of my cable boxes and even purchased a new tv and still had problems.  I decided to exchange the old cable box at the xfinity store and also got a new cable.  I can not get the box to work.  

#2 instructions say....”plug one end of the HDM1 cable to the HD to TV port on your tv box.  I don’t have that option on the box.  It only says...”out to tv” and there is a space with a hard black, blank cover where my old box had a HD port?  Could I have been given the wrong cable box or am I doing some5ing wrong?

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Re: Possible wrong cable box replacement?

I believe some box ports are labeled differently. It would help to know what you traded in and what you presently have. Nobody can answer your original question without that information

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