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Poor HD Quality on 4K TV

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Poor HD Quality on 4K TV

I just upgraded a 2013 Samsung tv to a new 2020 Sony X950H 4K TV and I think I'm ready to go back (or not use Xfinity for TV services).  I have the XG1-v4 4K box and the quality of most channels is REALLY bad.  ESPN for example is completely blurry and looks like it's an SD channel.


I've tried both:

-Different display settings on the cable box (using best resolution and even trying 720p) 

-Different display settings on the Sony tv itself


This can't be a TV upscaling issue as I tried YouTube TV and the same channels look much better/clearer.  Also, it can't be a coax signal issue since my old Samsung looked fine using the same box.  I know Comcast compresses almost everything down to 720p which doesn't help matters, does anyone have any suggestions for TV settings that may help or any other suggestions?  Should I downgrade from the 4K Xfinity box and try that since I get any 4K content elsewhere?


I'm almost tempted to return the TV and revert back to my old one, but the quality of Netflix and other apps is outstanding.  It's just the Xfinity channels.




P.S. yes I understand 4K content is sparse but did not expect such a huge contrast in quality in regular HD programming