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Playstation 4 Remote Play Crashing X1 TV

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Playstation 4 Remote Play Crashing X1 TV

I was upgraded to the X1 box within the last year. Over the last few weeks, I've been using PS4 remote play on my personal laptop. The PS4 remote play works fine and if I have the TV on and don't change the channel or try to use an app like Netflix, whatever I'm watching will typically come through fine. However if I go to change the channel, use voice commands to change the channel, or go to an app like Netflix, I end up getting errors and ultimately, the box goes into a restart but hangs at the welcome screen.


When it hangs, I will unplug the box and plug it back in again to force it to restart. So long as the PS4 remote play is going, it will just continue to hang at the welcome screen even after rebooting the box.


To get TV service back, I have to end the PS4 remote play, unplug the box, and then plug it back in.


This has pretty much made remote play impossible for me so I'm trying to scour the Internet for a solution and wanted to see if I have any luck here.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.